Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cheating Sunday

That's right, you read it. Cheating Sunday. Today I cheated on the 30 for 30 challenge, I cheated on my skincare regimen, I cheated on that diet that I'm not on and if I had thought to do our taxes today, I may have cheated on them, as well. 

We spent most of today out of the house, which is pretty rare for us, on a weekend. Knowing my metabolism, I estimated that I would need 3 small meals + breakfast and lunch in the time we were gone, so I absent-mindedly grabbed a sleeve of Thin Mints as we ran out the door. Thin Mints? Geez. Usually I tote around squeeze packs of almond butter, fruit, granola, even bacon (ok, that was just once), but today I was packing the Girl Scout cookies. And I must say, they did the trick! I probably won't rely on them to sustain my life ever again, but they definitely kept me out of hunger danger. 

It's unfortunate that hunger danger doesn't rhyme quite as well as stranger danger, because I'd say it much more frequently if it did.

This week may have been insane, but I did get to spend some of it in my very very favorite Phoenix places. 

Home of the Best Carne Asada in the Valley. Don't doubt it! I had it twice in two days...
Home of the best homemade, local ingredients in the my opinion.

You can't beat their coffee and I learn new Phoenix stuff every time we visit.

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