Thursday, February 24, 2011

anyone know a cure for insomnia?

Day 14

Man oh man, does insomnia suck. I came home from work earlyish (still late, but only by 45 minutes) today, all psyched about making dinner and baking some whoopie pies, but as soon as I got home I realized I could barely keep my eyes open! So I threw together a pretty great dinner and as soon as my prince got home and we ate, I hit the hay. Literally, at 6:30 pm. Wow.'s 9:30 now and I am wide wide wiiiiide awake. What on earth? I couldn't even stand up, I was so tired, but as soon as I get in bed there is no remote possibility of sleeping. Maybe I should just resign to sleeping on the kitchen floor.

So I've made a little tent over my laptop so he can carry on snoozing and snoring without interruption.  

In other news: I've always been kind of frustrated that I don't seem to have a waist. One more alien quality to go along with my freakish fingers and two noses, right? Great. But I just found out about Shabby Apple dresses via Blue Collar Catwalk and I think they solved my problem in 3 simple questions! Check out their "fit to flatter" page, which tells you what kind of dresses you'll look best in, based on your body type- which they tell you, by the way.( I never would have guessed I'm an apple.) I'm always wearing belts to try to emphasize my waist but my shoulders are as wide as my ribs are as wide as my hips, pretty much. But hey, Shabby Apple makes dresses just for my shape (and yours), so who cares if I'm an apple or a kumquat!

Wooeeee! So perfect for me!

And I know you were curious about this uber-fab flower I'm wearing, so here she is in all her glory. This thing started off as a single level flower for a hat I was crocheting and then I decided "why stop with one?" and proceeded to add 3 more layers. Uh huh, that's just how I crochet. Overkill, overkill, overkill, baby! And after a few weeks of jokes from my coworkers (who are mostly all male), they have given up and fallen in love with the 5 inch crocheted corsage.

By the way, the best way to deflect jokes about your garish homemade accessories is to say "I made one that matches your truck/tie/uniform/etc. perfectly, should I bring it in for you?" OR "Your wife/gf asked me to make one for her, too. Would she prefer neon colors or glitter?" There's really not much they can say to either of those. So ha, joke's on them!

p.s. I cheated with my shoes today. 12 hour workdays in heels have left my feet numb and I didn't include any office-friendly flats in my 30 for 30 wardrobe. Stupid? You bet.

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