Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 13

That's me falling asleep as my dear husband snaps a grand total of 3 pictures of my outfit- with my iphone, of course.

This is my loyal alpaca pin, Mike. He helps me make friends. No joke! Nothing makes a stranger talk to you quite like wearing a fuzzy alpaca on your shirt.

I know there should have been a day 12 in there, somewhere, but I missed it. I promise I got dressed that day, and I distinctly recall thinking it was my best getup yet, but I got home from work at 8:30 (that's called a 13 hour day, folks) and probably fell asleep in my car. This challenge and my silly schedule are not getting along so well!

But alas, it's been a fast, challenging, stressful, awesome week. One of my favorite people in our company dropped by for a couple days, and he always brings a whirlwind of wisdom and shenanigans with him. In my opinion, that's the best combination a person can have- deep intelligence, interest in others and a killer sense of humor. He came to do interviews and he left us with the two best questions YOU as an interviewee can ever ask. Are you ready?

1: What on my resume makes you (the interviewer) think I'm a great fit for this job?
If they can't answer that then you're probably not a great fit, but if they can answer, then they can practically talk themselves into hiring you!
2: What will I need to do in my first 6 months here to make you look good (he might have said first year, I can't remember)?

Brilliant, right? I am horrible in interviews- I swear I have no clue how I am employed- but these questions could completely change that! Not that I'm looking for a job, I'm definitely not. But hopefully they'll help someone who's reading this! If they do, please let me know!!

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